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Mugsy Mahonney's entrepreneurial spirit emerged when he was just eleven years old and launched his first business -- Dot Boy Inc. where he ran his own record label for years recording and producing others albums along with his own. Mugsy has released a total of 6 independent projects and has stepped in the Battle ring at least twice to prove he's a head hunter and a real lyricist. When that didn’t pan out, meaning lack of funds to continue funding his career, he moved on, undeterred, to businesses ranging from graphic design to photo shoots and music videos, which turned into a more plausible business plan so he created "Mean Muggin Media" in 2012. In 2013, he also started a clothing line "MEAN" which is an acronym {Make Everybody Around Notice}}. His fiancé Lacie joined shortly after moving to San Diego, California and helped create another company "Hollywood Universal" an agency that infuses the science of happiness into its business model. That vision statement, to deliver happiness to the world, has drawn new and repeat customers to the site.



"We wanted to run our own business, and be in control of our own destiny. We had no idea where it would lead us, but wherever it was, we knew it had to be better than feeling bored and unfulfilled. We were ready for an adventure and our new chapter in life."



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